Create new ftp user

useradd -m -d /home/sarah sarah
passwd sarah

Give password: 575757aA

usermod -g www-data sarah

Add user to vsftpd

cd /etc/vsftpd
nano sarah
htpasswd -cd /etc/vsftpd/ftpd.passwd sarah

Will ask for password now


Then edit user home directory (not sure if this is actually needed anymore)

usermod --home /var/www/sarah/public_html sarah

Check that user can write to directory

sudo chown -R sarah:www-data /var/www/sarah/public_html
chmod 775 /var/www/sarah/public_html
/etc/init.d/vsftpd restart

For changes to take effect restart apache

service apache2 restart

Try connecting to FTP using FTP user, password and port 21

Need port 21 because WordPress doesn’t allow changing of ports

Website Pre Launch

Pre-Launch Checklist

  • All test copy has been removed
  • Content has been checked for spelling, grammar etc.
  • No broken links in the navigation & throughout the content
  • Favicon has been added
  • Enable search engine crawling – ensure robots.txt is not blocking the site from being crawled
  • In WordPress, this is usually controlled in Settings > Reading > Discourage search engines.
  • Custom 404 page has been created
  • Add 301 redirects where needed
  • Cross-browser development has been done, IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • All forms are sending to the correct email addresses
  • Passes W3C Validation (not needed, but nice to have)
  • All custom functionality has been tested
  • Add Google Analytics – if a rebuild, use the existing ID else create a new one under my account
  • Add site to the following services:
  • Webmaster tools
  • Firewall
  • DuplicatorPro Backups
  • UptimeRobot
  • ManageWP



    • hide any SEO or performance plugins from client
    • ensure all fields and labels have the same typeface (including WYSIWYG)
    • ensure wording on things makes sense for client
    • CMS login information has been setup for client
    • log in to CMS under user account and ensure they can add/edit/delete everything they are supposed to


    • ensure carousel text fields have a character count cap if needed


    • move menu management into main nav (out of appearance nav)
    • hide posts, comments, contact forms, appearance, settings, users, tools, performance, SEO, framework nav items from if not needed
    • move pods under the Pages nav item


    • hide any fields or field groups that are not being used
    • rearrange field groups so they make sense/match front end ordering


    • Install Wordfence Security
    • Activate Facebook Thumb Fixer plugin


Meta Tags

    • Title