MySQL shutdown unexpectedly on XAMPP – Server socket created on IP: ‘::’

  1. Take backup all files+folder from folder mysql/data to mysql/data_old_backup
  2. Sometime XAMPP MySQL service stopped working, in my case reason in XAMPP control panel: “Error: MySQL shutdown unexpectedly” with the same error log


  1. I have fixed the same issue, copy (+overwrite) all files+folder from xampp/mysql/backup/ into xampp/mysql/data/
  2. You may lost your Mysql root password after step-1, your mysql password is null now.
  3. Now, Copy (+overwrite) file ibdata1 from backup folder from “mysql/data_old_backup/ibdata1” to xampp/mysql/data/
    (because you want to restore all your data)
  4. Start MySQL from XAMPP control panel.

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